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About Confidist

Confidist was founded in October 2018 by Nicholas Schiavi with the hope of starting a new helpful trend in social media. The focus is on long form meaningful conversation. Speaking from personal experience, the best conversations I've had in my life were one on one where I felt comfortable enough to be open minded and really listen. Taking the time to uncover a nuanced point of view and volunteering your own perspective is how real understanding can be achieved. Personal communication is at the core of what it is to be human. I believe the more genuine conversations we have with diverse points of view, the more equipped we become to handle life.

Meaningful Conversation

Every conversation on Confidist is topic-driven, private, and one-on-one. While group conversations can be fun, a one-on-one conversation removes social pressures and encourages users to see the human on the other side of the screen. Topics on Confidist serve as a starting talking point. If you join a topic, please jump right into the conversation, say hello, and give your thoughts!

Common Attributes

Discovering what we have in common is one of the joys of meeting new people. Even long-term friends, coworkers, and family members can go years without discovering those hidden common interests. On Confidist, we encourage users to select attributes they identify with from over 25 categories including hundreds of opportunities for connection. As soon as you search or join a topic, we instantly display the attributes both users share in common.



If you find a strong connection with another user on Confidist, you have the opportunity to invite them to your personal Orbit. When you create a topic for conversation, you will then have the option to make it exclusive to those in your Orbit. Each member of your Orbit will receive an instant notification that you are reaching out for a conversation. You can now also have a direct conversation. Confidist recommends having a diverse and trusting Orbit for the most beneficial experience.


Communities on Confidist are inclusive places to have relevant conversations. Each community is comprised of volunteer moderators, custom rules, badges, and events. Browse and join communities that most interest you and send us an email if you have an idea for a new community.

Spotlight Events

Communities can host events in order to engage all users to discuss any specific topic. Past events on Confidist have highlighted overcoming loneliness, changing career paths, and fun travel experiences. Any community can host spotlight events to raise awareness about important issues or just get people talking and getting to know one another!

Social Good

Confidist is advertisement-free and sustained on personal funds, volunteers, donations, and merchandising. We respect your data and hold the value you get out of Confidist as our highest priority. Please send us a quick email if you have any ideas of how to make the conversations you have here more meaningful and valuable. Thanks for your support.